More About Me

Residential real estate is always personal!

I enjoy what I do because I have the opportunity to connect with families and friends, and to make new friends. You may experience highs and lows throughout the process of buying or selling. I will always be there with a comforting, calming voice, helping to guide you through the process so there's less fear and more joy.

As a Brazilian I know what to take seriously, and what to avoid stressing about. Family, friends, connections, siestas..these are all the things that matter ;) 

We'll get through transaction and other challenges, if we work on it together, as a team. I am very good at the details so you don't have to be. I consider edge scenarios and risks, so you don't have to. 

Contact me below if you want to get coffee or chat about your life or real estate. I'm here to help!

Tchau! (until we meet again in Portuguese..)



Portuguese, English